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Auto Insurance / Car Insurance

Even the lightest of today’s vehicles weighs slightly less than 2,000 pounds.

When you put motion and mass together, there’s a lot at risk.
With modern safety devices such as front and side airbags, antilock brakes, driver-assisted braking and so many other precautions, passengers are relatively safe in the event of an accident. However, cars are built to absorb the impact of a crash in order to keep it away from the ‘cabin’. That means a little accident can cause a LOT of damage to a vehicle.

Having the right insurance can reduce an accident from being a huge financial burden to a minor nuisance. Hastava Insurance Agency offers the right auto insurance.

Options that fit your lifestyle

Hastava is an Independent Insurance Agency

Some insurance carriers offer more competitive rates for young drivers, while others provide savings opportunities for older individuals. Some carriers offer multi-policy discounts for having your homeowner’s and automobile insurance with the same company, while many provide multi-vehicle discounts.

As an Independent Insurance Agency, Hastava Insurance Agency can compare a wide range of options to present the one that provides you the most comprehensive coverage at the most competitive rate.

Knowing what’s needed…and what’s not

Most people spend more time shopping for a vehicle than they do researching insurance for that vehicle. While choosing the right vehicle is important to your family’s comfort, choosing the right insurance is important to your family’s financial security as well as their convenience when a fender bender interrupts your day. Making sure you have the insurance you need addresses several issues should an accident occur, including:

  • Payment for emergency medical care for your passengers
  • Carrying adequate liability coverage
  • Having a deductible that’s both practical and economical
  • Providing a rental car when your car is incapacitated due to an accident
  • The right to choose where your car is repaired in the event of a collision

Our Experience Saves You Time & Money

For 7 decades, Hastava Insurance Agency has worked with individuals throughout Island Park, South Shore and many other New York communities. We’ve developed relationships spanning many years and earned the trust of insurance carriers, which is critical when writing an auto policy. They know we accurately represent the interests of our clients, which saves you time.

We also understand the different underwriting criteria for different carriers. This is vital in matching you with the right company. By knowing the various discounts different carriers provide, we can make sure you take advantage of every money-saving opportunity that’s available to you, including:

  • Good Driver Discounts
  • Good Student Discounts
  • Safe Vehicle Discounts
  • Multiple Policy Discounts (having a homeowner’s policy w/ your auto insurance carrier)

Ask the professionals

While choosing the right vehicle is important to your family’s comfort, choosing the right insurance is important to your family’s financial security as well. Get the auto insurance you need and the service you deserve with Hastava Insurance Agency.

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