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Condo & Co-op Insurance

Make sure what you own is protected!

with Condo & Co-op Insurance from Hastava Insurance Agency

Your condo represents a major investment; one of the biggest you may ever make. Condo Association Insurance may protect the overall facility and common areas, but it may not afford protection to your specific unit, and it doesn’t cover your personal belongings. That’s where Condo / Co-op Insurance from Hastava Insurance Agency comes in.

Condo Insurance covers not only your personal property, but it also protects any part of your unit that isn’t included in your condo associations’ coverage.  A condo association generally has one of three types of policies.

  • Covers only the primary building and common areas
  • Covers your building and items in your unit that are NOT your personal property
  • Covers the building, your unit and fixtures or improvements you make to your unit

There’s a lot at risk

…and that’s why you need Condo Insurance from Hastava Insurance Agency.

As a condo or co-op member, you face additional risks.  If you’re assessed for certain kinds of loss, your condo insurance can provide the protection you need.  Let’s say someone is badly injured on condo property and the court awards a judgment in excess of the condo association’s policy.  Your loss assessment coverage would pay whatever your share of the judgment is, up to policy limits.

Personal property and building property coverage cover the contents of your condo owned by you as well as the actual real property, including building additions, installations and any alterations that are a part of your unit for which the condo association’s rules hold you responsible.

Personal Liability coverage pays for bodily injury or property damage for which you’re found liable, either in your condo or elsewhere.

This coverage can also pay for legal expenses.

Many of the different types of coverage available to homeowners is available to condo owners, including coverage for credit card or bank fund forgeries, debris removal, medical payments to others and so much more.

Make sure YOU have the protection you need to avoid serious financial loss with condo or co-op insurance from Hastava Insurance Agency. 

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