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Renter’s Insurance

Your landlord has insurance for HIS property…

Let Hastava Insurance Agency protect YOUR property!

Renters face many of the same risks as homeowner’s when it comes to their personal property.  Unfortunately, many people believe that the insurance carried by the actual apartment or homeowner covers EVERYTHING.  It is very important to understand this basic fact:

The coverage carried by your landlord covers HIS OR HER PROPERTY ONLY.  It offers no coverage for your personal items, nor any protection for you against any possible liability you may face.

If it’s not yours, you can’t insure it

The key is insurable interestThis little term has major significance.  Simply defined, insurable interest refers to whether or not an individual 1: owns the property for which they want to insure and / or
2: they will suffer financially should a loss occur.  If the answer is yes to these questions, then an insurable interest actually exists and coverage may be bound in that individual’s name.  In the case of your landlord, his only insurable interest is the physical building and attached property that he or she owns.  They have no insurable interest in your personal property, since they don’t own your clothes, your TV, your furniture, electronics, etc.  Of course, YOU have a huge interest in protecting your personal items.

Protect what you own when you rent

Renter’s Insurance from Hastava Insurance Agency

Fire, water damage, theft, natural disasters: there are so many ways you could loose the things you own. You don’t have to own the property you live in to suffer a loss. While your landlord’s insurance policy doesn’t cover property, there is protection available to you through Hastava Insurance Agency. Renter’s insurance offers the protection you need for the things you own, whether you’re renting a single-family dwelling or one of many apartments in a large complex.

Choose the renter’s insurance coverage that’s right for you

Your Hastava Insurance Agent can help!

How much insurance do you need?

What, if any, specialty coverage is necessary to cover what you own?

Should you go with actual cash value protection or replacement cost coverage?

What about liability coverage?

Your Hastava Insurance Agency representative can walk you through the available coverage, helping you secure the right policy to meet your specific needs. You’ll appreciate the peace of mind that comes from knowing that everything you’ve worked hard for is protected from a variety of risks you face.

Renter’s Insurance provides a variety of coverage, which includes:

  • Personal Property Coverage: Helps cover the cost of replacing your belongings if unexpectedly damaged, ruined or stolen.
  • Liability Coverage: Protection from paying out-of-pocket for personal injury or property damage for which you are found liable.
  • Additional Living Expenses: Covers the cost of additional living expenses you incur if you’re unable to live in the home you’re renting.
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