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Liability Umbrella Insurance from Hastava Insurance Agency

In today’s society, lawsuits are almost common. Pick up the newspaper, listen to the radio or scan the Internet and you’ll find countless examples of seemingly ridiculous lawsuits filed for a variety of equally ridiculous reasons. Even those that seem to be without merit often result in tremendously large monetary rewards. Every lawsuit brought against you requires legal representation and that’s never cheap.

Who’s really the victim?

Upper income business owners, high-profile professionals (doctors, lawyers, etc.) and specific classes often fall prey to excessive demands for even the smallest occurrences. Unfortunately, a simple bump at a stoplight often becomes a financial opportunity for someone looking for a quick financial windfall. Damages aren’t necessarily predicated on actual damages but rather on the perceived wealth of the other party.

Whether it’s your homeowners insurance, auto insurance, motorcycle or RV insurance, every policy has a limit of liability coverage in order to control costs. Most policies have various options for increasing those liability limits…to a point. Increasing EVERY policy liability limit to its maximum can be costly and unnecessary, if you choose to protect yourself with a Liability Umbrella Policy.

Taking Liability Protection to the Next Level

A liability umbrella policy picks up where your other policies leave off. For instance: let’s say you’re involved in an auto accident and found liable for personal injuries, pain and suffering, emotional distress and other charges in a lawsuit. Once you’ve reached the liability coverage limits of your auto policy, you’re responsible for all amounts in excess of the policy limits. With a liability umbrella policy, the overage is covered, whether it’s a claim that involves your homeowner’s, auto policy, or other policies.

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This is the most effective and economical way to protect you and your family against large liability settlements across a wide spectrum of varied risks. Be sure you’re adequately protected against high-dollar liability exposure with a liability umbrella policy from Hastava Insurance Agency.

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